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A plan is hatched for It's Possible Camborne CIC!

Directors at It's Possible Camborne CIC have revealed their 18 month strategic plan.

It is anticipated this plan with its three core themes will act to direct the organisation as it establishes over the next 18 months.

The Stategic Plan April 2021- September 2022

Nurture Active Citizens

Empower Camborne people to make positive change for their communities.

Lead or support at least two projects that engage at least 60 residents in positive change for Camborne.

Facilitate and provide space for environmental and community activism and place shaping.

Develop a ‘pop-up’ for Camborne – mobile or static (prominent location)- that can be used as a base for sessions and activities that promote place shaping and activism in collaboration with community partners.

Engage hard to reach communities in activities that promote active citizenship.

Lead or support at least one community project that specifically engages the hard to reach. These communities can include; drug users, people living with HIV, sexual minority communities, asylum seekers, refugees, black or ethnic minority communities, homeless people, not in employment or education (of all ages), young offenders.

Connect Camborne

Promote Camborne and showcase and support the exceptional achievement of its socially deprived communities.

Establish a two year ‘Engagement and Communication Strategy’ for It’s Possible Camborne by September 2021. Sponsor one award at the Camborne Community & Commerce Awards 2021.

·Bring organisations with shared objectives together to deliver projects for the benefit of Camborne communities.

Host at least one networking event and attend two networking events as guests. Develop at least one project in collaboration with one or more community partners.

Create and support opportunities to celebrate Camborne’s heritage & cultural identity.

Attend Camborne Trevithick Day and Camborne Show 2022, CPIR Expo and support at least one project that celebrates Camborne’s history through the arts.

Attract & Share Resource

Bid for and obtain project funding from various sources independently and in collaboration with community partners to fund revenue activity. Train two Directors in efficient bid writing by December 2021 and successfully apply for at least two funds totalling over £10,000 before September 2022.

Develop a transparent process for selecting viable projects and partners to support with funding and volunteer resource.

Provide Directors with guidance and methodology that is openly shared with applicants and community partners by September 2021 latest.

Attract relevant corporate sponsorships and donations (+£2,000 annually) to support project delivery.

Produce a sponsorship pack and create a fundraising resource base included branded equipment and materials by December 2021. Approach 20 potential sponsors by September 2022.

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